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Unacceptable or explicit images
You are not allowed to post or display images of an explicit or pornographic nature within posts or threads. This includes hate images, pornography or images that attack other users, or that may offend other users. Administrators have the right to remove the images from your post, and remove your right to post on the forums.

Unacceptable links
You are not allowed to post links or URLs which direct to websites containing images of an explicit or pornographic nature, or websites containing content innapropriate for young members. If you are unsure as to whether a website is innapropriate, then please contact an administrator. Any posts which contain links such as these will be removed and you may receive a warning from an admin.

Attacking users
All registered users should have the right to enjoy the forums in a safe environment. Personal attacks are not acceptable within the forum environment, and administrators have the right to lock or remove any posts that are deemed to be attacking a particular individual or group.

Using bad language on the forums should be avoided if possible. Although we may allow mild bad language in some areas, if an administrator feels that the bad language is getting out of control or is innapropriate, then they have the right to remove your post and your right to post on the forums.

Unnacceptable display names
The Daily Click allows you to change your display name which is shown on your profile and all forum posts. If possible, we ask that your display is something that allows other users to identify who you are. This means including bad language or innapropriate terms in your display name is not acceptable. We also ask that you don't change your display name to the name of another user on the forum as this can cause some confusion amongst the community. An administrator has the right to change your username if they feel that it is innapropriate or against the rules.

In order to maintain a forum environment in which debate and discussion can be promoted, we ask that posts are kept on topic at all times (unless an administrator allows you to). Administrators have the right to remove all spam posts from the forum and issue a warning to those users who constantly post spam.

The Daily Click currently has a warning system in place. If you break the rules, then an administrator has the right to issue you a warning. When you receive a warning, you will receive a mail in your DC inbox. The warnings system is also used as an indicator to administrators as to which users are constantly breaking the rules. If you receive multiple warnings, then there is a possibility that you will be banned from the site and forum.

Administrators reserve the right to edit and alter your forum signatures if they feel they are innapropriate. Including large images in your signature is not suggested, and as such an administrator may feel the need to alter your signature.

The Daily Click allows you to send administrators an alert if you feel that a certain page on our site contains innapropriate content. Sending false alerts is considered to be spamming the system, and you will be warned by an administrator if you send false alerts.

A user is usually banned when they have broken the rules multiple times, both on the forum and in the comments for news, games, articles, reviews and projects. A user may also be banned even if they have not broken the rules before, depending upon the seriousness of the offence (e.g. racism). Some bans may have a set time, and some may be permanent depending upon the seriousness of the offence. If you have been banned then you can find the ban length by logging into the website. You can also find our contact information if you feel that your ban is unjustified.

Although these rules are specifically for the forum area of the site, they may also apply to other areas of the site such as comments, downloads, articles .etc. We have a right to change these rules at any given time and issue warnings, silences or bans as we feel necessary. Bear in mind that different admins will have different opinions in certain situations, and so may feel different action is needed compared to another admin. If you feel action taken against you was unfair, then please contact an admin.

Creating new accounts to avoid a ban will only make it more unlikely that the original ban will removed. We have the right to ban or delete (without warning) any accounts which we believe are being used to avoid a ban on another account. We also have the right to remove any content submitted using this new accounts, such as forum posts and threads. If you have been banned, you should see a page containing information when you attempt to login to the website. This information includes contact information for administrators. If you feel as though your ban is unjust, then contact an administrator and politely ask them to review the ban.

If you have any issues or questions, then Click on an admin below to contact them.

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Rules last updated on 20th January 2008



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