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7th June, 2004 at 02:46:19 -

I just found out Starhunter was cancelled, and all the sets have been torn down, and all the props destroyed.

I think I speak for noone here when I say this blows. That show was the best show I ever saw, and every season was better than the last.

Ofcourse now noone will be able to compare it to higher budget space shows(like startrek) and see how much greater it was, since american tv channels boycotted it, and now it's dead.

If you never saw starhunter, you can compare it to shows like Farscape and Babylon 5, which were also about at it's level.(Although I preferred starhunter over both of those, and both of those over startrek)

Now I think I'll go sit in a hole for a few days...



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7th June, 2004 at 07:18:38 -

ive never heard of it


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