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8th April, 2004 at 10:54:28 -

Has anyone tried Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut, I think it's pretty cool but has pretty many bugs in it.
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8th April, 2004 at 11:25:42 -

I thought you meant sonic heros.

But ive sonic sonic adventure dx on my gamecube.
I agree with you, i would have thought sonic team would have sorted out the clipping and tidied up the frame rate since they set it to 60fps. Its one of the first dreamcast games released in 1999 id have thought the gamecube could play it way better than it does and probably can with a little effort.
the missions are pointless but the gamegear games are fun.

ive got sonic adventure 2 battle and that is very near a solid 60fps but still a bit boring with all the tails/eggman and knuckles.rouge levels. City escape rocks!!!

ive got sonic heroes for the ps2 (i wanted the gamecube version but my dad decided to get it for me) and im dissapointed with how poor it plays.
still its fun when you can see whats going on.
i like the music even if noone else does


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8th April, 2004 at 14:28:39 -

Sonic Adventure DX is pretty good, but I personally feel that it was better on the Dreamcast. Combination of the control pad and having lesser expectation of the system's graphics capabilities I guess. Plus, it just feels weird playing Sonic games on a Nintendo system.

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