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A.C. softwareŠ

6th March, 2004 at 13:32:57 -

ok i have a dumb question!, i am working on a litle text editor out of pure bordness, and not having any ideas and i was wondering how to, after you make a document (in the text editor im making) it dosent print the edit object correctly, and i dont know how to make it so that when you go file, save, how do u make it save as a .rtf doc?, or does it do this already, well, correct way to print and any other help in making a text editor would be just dandy, wow...i sound so stupid haha, help will be appreciated, thanks

help!, i've fallen and i cant ge....hey, nice carpet!

Pete Nattress

Cheesy Bits img src/uploads/sccheesegif

6th March, 2004 at 14:53:39 -

the rich edit object in MMF 1.5 will save/open RTF files. not sure about the normal one though.

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