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8th February, 2004 at 14:45:08 -

I feel like bragging. Yesterday I had a tour of Relic's studio. It was quite a moving experience, and I was amazed at all the CRT monitors they had.

Then my tourguide challenged me to a game of Impossible Creatures(IC). Well, I couldn't say "no", but I've never actually played a human, or a computer, before in impossible creatures. I'm actually only on level 7 of the campaign.

So after a few minutes of searching in vain, my tourguide pointed out the location of the army builder screen. Helpful or we would've been there all day.

After throwing together an army of a bunch of creatures I didn't know were in the game, we started. He obviously recognized my inexperience at playing IC, so wasn't very worried, and started a discussion with some nearby people while I built up my base.

Unfortunately, it's best to chop my head off early on(so to speak). I have 1 tactic(Expand - Rush) Upon glancing over at my monitor he discovered I had 4 undefended bases, and 8 units charging toward his base. Quickly, he built towers and destroyed the units. Then he built a bunch of flying crocs, loads of polar bears, and some nasty huge lobsters, and rushed them in destroying 3 of my 4 bases.

Now I suck at defense...usually 2 units can wipe out one of my bases, but I'm also very good at rushing. He never expected 30 chameleons to uncamoflauge right beside his main lab and destroy it.

After I won he said some very nice things, which I will now quote:
"You used the map to maximum potential"
"You expanded fast"
"You really needed to defend your bases"
"I wasn't expecting such a large rush at the end"
"Most people suck"
"Please don't use my name if you brag about beating a Relic dev"

I feel happy.




8th February, 2004 at 18:58:52 -

You're my new god.


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