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29th August, 2003 at 19:19:00 -

I'm not even good at coding.. but I've used jama and blitz3d enough to make a desition. With all the respect to ShadowCaster who is both an admin and a Jamagic lover, I like Blitz 3D better. You know why?.. cuz its 10 times faster.. listen to this ppl:

With BlitzBasic u dont have sprites.. u have "images" instead, u proly saying "U SUCK!!" but wait a second, finish reading this:
What u do in Blitz is
a) Display all the "images" u want on the screen, on the desired X and Y.
b) Show them all at the same time.
c) hold on a second cowboy so the human eye gets to catch the images.
d) Erase the screen with "cls".. and start again with step a)

and that method is why u can add 10 times more images and stuff on blitz3D.. u know why I know this? its cuz if u paint a 640x480 image on the screen every single frame with jamagic.. I get a 20fps (with my gforce 2 64mb). But if I do it with blitz.. I get like a.. I dunno.. 372730 fps.. or something. Thanks for listening.

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Crystal Clear (H.E.S)

Possibly Insane

29th August, 2003 at 19:22:44 -

From what ive seen Blitz3d is pretty powerful, e.g Dream Key: Ollies Adventure, thats a good example of a great Blitz3d game, but i havent seen any Jamagic games like this?.

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Possibly Insane

29th August, 2003 at 20:04:14 -

thats because jamagic sucks

NB. Am I unbiased or what

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30th August, 2003 at 06:53:56 -

Jamagic needs improvement. My experience with Blitz has been much better. How do you make Jamagic better? Steal the source code for Blitz >=


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