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DEC Stuff

15th July, 2003 at 15:34:46 -

I am currently using Free webs web hosting service(and it is actually pretty good if you ask me). Only problem is files are hard to download when you have download managers.

There is one other problem, that is the fact that you are only allowed to put up 50 files in your folder. My website, being very complex, takes up 46 Files in and of itself. Therefore, just so I have room to host actual pages on my site I need a place to host images. I have a place to host files(which are really my downloads anyways).

If anyone is willing...I only need about 250K At the most of reliable space, which if at any point is going to be shut down I need to know at least 1 week in advance.

Or you can direct me to a cool image space provider!


M. E. R.

15th July, 2003 at 22:51:39 -

DEC Stuff: I've recently uploaded my old site to this webaddress and it seems reliable, only setback are 10 meg space and it's a little confusing to figure out if your new to their interface, otherwise it's cool since I can link my images to other site forums without being replaced with a tripod image instead, and no force banners and no pop-ups either.

To see a sample, here's my unfinished site, heavy with animated gifs.

What does it take to finish a project?
0) Determination I wish I had!!!!
1) Spare time I wish I had!!!!
2) A faster comp I wish I had!!!!
3) A pet cat I wish I had!!!!

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