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12th July, 2003 at 04:02:41 -


I've not posted on these boards for a while as I've been very busy with commitments. However, I feel the time is right to launch my own website.

I'm looking around for web designing programs and would like to know which ones you guys use or want to use?

The website will be dedicated to an internet comic I'm working on and other various comics in the future. I also have planned for other extras but they will be seen when I create this site.

I think the IMS web engine looks quite nice but I'm still undecided so I ask for your help to tell me some other good ones?


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12th July, 2003 at 04:19:51 -

I tend to make a basic template with Macromedia Dreamweaver's visual editor then do the rest with just the HTML editor. Crimson Editor is good if you're into hard-coding the HTML too (useful features like colour coding, multiple documents, etc). You could always use MS frontpage (comes with MS office) but it's quite finicky (as with all microsoft products) and doesn't give you as much freedom as you might like

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12th July, 2003 at 04:51:16 -

I use Notepad to code everything, but if I had to suggest a website builder, I'd suggest Frontpage. All the high-end programs do the same thing, but since Frontpage is obviously created by the same people who make IE, the updates are always going to provide you with new features to HTML, and you know it's going to work.

Another one I'd suggest would be Hotdog, because that let's you switch between a variety of editors so you can make changes using various systems quickly.


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