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Peace & Love


10th December, 2022 at 10/12/2022 19:16:14 -

It was based on traumatic experience that was treated very badly by psychiatry over too many years.
I have just seen a show based on the same tropes that was presented in my artworks only it went down to a much deeper level of extemism... I completely regret I experienced the use of Click-Team products in such level of Sickness, to a point I am surprised to find myself shocked with revulsion like these who downloaded the demo I made of "Past-Life"...

The realization that these games had the main protagonist based on the perverted Israeli women, either a soldier, a cop, a nurse or a religious figure made me find it repulsive...

I regret making Bubble Girl.
The day I submitted myself to a psychiatric treatment is a day of ruin...


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