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Peace & Love


16th November, 2020 at 16/11/2020 15:40:36 -

There was an online game on the old click website: V-Cade called "heart attack". I hope that you remember that game.

Today and in several other times I realised I was like that glowing heart in the game that faces trough hell and must avoid it's hazards.

The little of heaven I tend to gain inside my heart seems to be taken by the hazards of hell that surround me in life.

Not many realise that a life of loving, sharing and giving is a life worth living for and instead. The hell around me shouts so loud and attack me so often that it burns and kills what's inside my heart so I lose myself into meanace as well...

Anyway. It was that game on the V-Cade. I hope that you remember it.

Hell is often here on earth. It is when we forget and cannot sense the values of moraliry because hell fogs us the way.


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