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  13/11/2018 09:52:04
4th October, 2020 at 04/10/2020 08:34:29 -

DIAREGNUM: Chrono Hunter is an action roguelike game and is the latest game of mine as of now, released at the start of September. It's still in early access and I'm currently working on a big content update for it. To further improve the game, I'd like to ask you guys a few questions regarding it.

- Is the game too difficult for you?

- How are the graphics?

- Is the game lacking in sound effects?

- What's the overall gameplay feel?

- And your additional feedback.

The new update will be fixing some of the existing issues of the game, such as the addition of the Assist Mode to help make the game more accessible, as well as adding some new sound effects, but it's always nice for you guys to leave some feedback.



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8th October, 2020 at 08/10/2020 22:55:31 -

Some comments:
* The graphics and music work well. You could potentially expand the variety using palette swaps.
* I had fun playing it but it would be improved if it were made more accessible.
* It would be useful to be able to easily access a controls re-cap.
* The tutorial should mention that you can change your primary and alternative class from the main menu.
* There is no explanation of what the green stuff you get when you kill someone is. Are those shekels?
* It is pretty hard to start off with. It could do more to ease you in.
* There isn't enough feedback about taking damage and how close you are to death (especially as you don't have time to look at the health bar in combat). It kind of feels like you're not being hurt at all then suddenly you're dead.
* Do I keep going back to level 1 when I do or something? I don't see any game over screen.

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