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  14/12/2019 01:18:23
14th December, 2019 at 14/12/2019 01:42:10 -

I am working on a Arcade Game Called Yazi and Bixi.

it's gunna be a Sidescrolling Pac-man-like mixed with Bust-a-move and Bubble-Bubble.

We depressly need help coding the Geisha Masks which are a lot like the Spooks in Pacman, We need them to Wandering around the field and if they come close to Yazi Chase him to a degree but if he gets too far they go back to being Wandering Samurai lol. If that makes any sense.

Let me know if your interested. First person to respond will get a Plushy Baby Yeti of one of the game's BADDIEs. Just in time for Christmas Possibly! Here our some Screen Shots. if your interested Message me Via Facebook and or message me private e-mail here. or my Alternative e-mail
Jason Andrew Buividas, and



[]_JUST~JAB~iT_[]{^j_ ^}_c]]]]

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