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12th November, 2019 at 12/11/2019 00:16:36 -

This video made me think of TDC (and a lot of other websites and forums)

All your base are in another castle, take this.


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  27/01/2018 23:48:54

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12th November, 2019 at 12/11/2019 01:19:44 -

Yeah, I also watch that video! And I agree with it.



  26/08/2017 19:47:58
14th November, 2019 at 14/11/2019 18:58:38 -

If Daily Click as a community would've to stay and suffice as an active merit source, perhaps some lost pieces of the collection I'm looking for might be found in a luck period. Since that's not reality, nothing can be said yet.

I suggest attempting (not just for you but for anyone who wants to do this too) to get in touch with numerous DC fodders so we can make an online family reunion here again, as it kept being one back in the days. If that doesn't work, something else will.

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20th November, 2019 at 20/11/2019 08:47:01 -

Nowadays massive use of smartphone and computing hurts our planet and it's ecosystem.
Also, years ago the net was mostly used by computer addicts and the kinds and not by every day fashion lookers, the common masses and their selfie posing girlfriends... The net and it's computers and devices should be centered in places around cities, people should stop owning 2 computers and 3 cellphones at the same apartment.


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