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Peace & Love


15th January, 2019 at 15/01/2019 10:27:55 -

If you fail it is good, because failure means pain, and I hate you!
I wish you all to feel pain! Fu**kers! You all deserve it!

Think about what you did to me for so many years.
Let's see you all suffering just as I suffered in these ten different times I experienced a stay in a mental hospital tied to a bed or being humiliated on drugs or by the nursing team.
There's a lesson that you yourself should learn, Fuckin' I want each of you to become a mini Terry A. Davis for a day or two and suffer a little just as I had for so many years, How would you like that feel?! U Fu*kin' tuds?.

Pain will bring you that stupid wisdom you justify on me, you idiots who are outta love.

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