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~ Cry of Fear - Tears of Darkness ~

Developer Notes

The game/stand alone project was put together with Multimedia Fusion 2

and is compatible with Clickteam fusion 2.5 (newer version of MMF2), It's an open source engine and there are files

available at which Clickteam Fusion & Multimedia fusion 2 can open.

.:Milkshape 3D:.

Milkshape 3D is the Modeler compatible with the 3D models used in the project.

There is a freeware version at and it can let you view and create 3d models

and also edit them. The 3d models used in the game are found in the directory folder "src'

in 'Cry of Fear - Tears of Darkness\src\mdl\' MDL is actually the format of a 'Half life' 3d game model, that was

converted to be usable with milkshape.

Milkshape can convert '.MDL' 3d models to be used with it and it can also convert other 3d models



Directional Keys = MOVE


Left Mouse, CTRL = Shoot

Right Mouse, R = Reload Weapon

ENTER, E = Enter Doors

SPACE, TAB = Item inventory

1,2,3,4 or MSWHEELUP-DOWN = Change Weapons

Download : Use WinRAR to extract (

Edited by path

Nifty stuff & MFAS :

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