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17th May, 2018 at 17/05/2018 18:07:18 -

I paid for an installation maintenance of a broken tap that I am not the owner of. I didn't had to but I thought I should do something good with the money I have. I know it is not much a big of a reason to support me on Bandcamp, because an artist should be judged on the quality of his work and not about what he does with the profit he is making. You can rest assure I will spend my earning on nuclear weapons more than on helping someone in real.

Anyway, The animation and presentation shows what I have done with a decent sum of money I had, which is fixing a malfunctioning tap in a building I rent an apartment on. Everyone involved including authorities refused to take responsibility on the fix so I decided to raise on the act and pay for an installation service to make it fixed. I didn't had to, but as I am a proud person I tend to be expensive sometime when it comes to what I spend my budget on.

I encourage you to support your local environment and the people living in it as well, it may return back to you in many sort of ways, subtle or plain to observe. In this case, I saved potential loss of water and the costs of the wasting of said resources for the authorities and maybe even prevented losses to property and potential injuries of other beings, animals and people.

Doing so will grant you the realisation that you do in fact worth something and your value as a person is precious than you used to consider. I advise these who suffer anxiety or depression to do the same acts as I did lately. This is one of them. Simply find an incident in your environment that is needed to be fixed and solve it with ordering a maintenance service or even deal it with yourself if you have the right knowledge and abilities! It can definitely improve your self esteem and the way you perceive yourself!

I by the way use a clean looking handle on this website not because my self esteem has been improved but to make everything related to my involvement in this website more appealing to others. That is all! I actually like things being clean and not obnoxious as I used to be taught about myself. I didn't acknowledge I had the right to ask to appear the cleanest in my appearance and felt very fake about it until I realised it is also related to others as well and I am not the only one who lose from a non-decent presentation of self... I hope I won't fail much doing so or change my mind about it. What I had in life was pretty intense when it was related to how I should perceive myself.

And yes. The music is Tidal Tempest from Sonic CD. I found a royalty free Megadrive based arrangement for this video!
What actually inspired me all the years to take act on making other's properties better was Sonic CD. I do believe I am making a better future and present when fixing other's wronging in my nearby environment also the far! Video Games can aspire people to become better eventually. Just take a notice and learn the right lesson playing them!

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