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5th August, 2013 at 05/08/2013 17:02:16 -

Hi everyone,

Disthron here. Dose anyone remember the Raycating extension? I do, it's can be used to make games that look like Wolfenstein 3D. When I found out about it I was kicking myself for not being more involved in the community. If I had, there were a few simple features that I would have suggested. Most people don't know about them because they appeared in obscure games. Obviously the team might have decided against them but it would have been cool just to have talked about it.

As it stands it is an awesome extension regardless. Between the level editor and the engine that came with it, it's super user friendly.

Anyway, the reason I'm making this post is to gauge the communities interest in having a more advanced raycasting extension. Something along the lines of Doom or Duke Nukem 3D. The reason I want to develop a 2.5D engine instead of a full 3D one is I believe that it strikes a balance between graphical quality and ease of use. You can use the sprites and textures to make a 2.5D game look really nice yet the simple to build level geometry makes the barrier to entry very low.

If there is enough interest I'll be looking to pay someone to develop the extension. It will need to be at least as easy to use as the first raycasting extension and part of the project will be to develop an engine that people can build there game directly on top of.

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