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Jake G


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16th July, 2013 at 16/07/2013 15:48:28 -

I'm working on my most ambitious project to date. It's been an idea I originally came up with in 2005. I have started the project several times from scratch and over the years it has changed a lot. Each time I abandon it due to lack of direction and work on other things. This time however, with the rise of the indie game industry and my game making abilities much more competent than my 13 year old self, I am very devoted to this project.

It's still in the very early stages (pre-production) but here is a prototype/ taste of what I am envisioning (made in 2009).

It's a little dated but it's still shows what I have in mind. With more resources at hand I am going to make this my first HD project. Here is how the characters will look in-game now.


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