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Don't listen to this idiot


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14th February, 2013 at 14/02/2013 16:54:17 -

I just got a mail that Indie Royale launched their latest bundle, the Valentines Bundle 2.0, and among the games are highly acclaimed Boss Baddie titles Wake and Lunnye Devitsy. So if you haven't got it already here's your chance to get it cheaply along with a handful of other games, including Serious Sam 3 BFE.

- Ok, you must admit that was the most creative cussing this site have ever seen -

Make some more box arts damnit!


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15th February, 2013 at 15/02/2013 18:56:02 -

They're not the original releases of Lunnye and Wake. They're widescreen remasters.


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