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Knudde (Shab)



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16th December, 2012 at 16/12/2012 16:59:02 -

I'm looking for someone to help me hammer out a scoring system on a game. Would prefer someone experienced with arcade/score based games. I'm too far into making it, (you guys know what I mean, that point where you think something is really easy, then upon release everyone thinks it's the hardest thing ever). Please PM me.

Craps, I'm an old man!


Possibly Insane

20th December, 2012 at 20/12/2012 09:45:20 -

I am not really experienced with scoring systems in games. But can't you use a simple formula?

My latest snake game adds a numbers of points for eating a food block equal to the number of the level you're playing. Something like: "points+=levelnum;" in MMF you can do the same with counters and values.

However I am not sure if this is what you're asking.

You probably are asking about how to save scores and hiscores online. I've no experience with online hiscores, but basically it works the same way as offline hiscores. It just that communicating over the net needs to be implemented and probably through an extension which does this for you.

Offline hiscores (and online) is just a sorted list with the highest on top and the lowest at the bottom, since it might hold a name reference to the person playing people like to call it a database.

I hope this gives you a basic idea and I am answering your question because I might have misunderstood it.


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