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Mike Powell

  08/10/2012 18:54:26
8th October, 2012 at 08/10/2012 19:36:01 -

Hi, I know I'm not well-known here, but I wanted to know if any of you still have copies of Yair Charutz's old games, from the Bubble Girl series. I'm putting together an archive and am still looking for these titles:

Bubble Girl 1 (
Bubble Girl 2 (
Bubble Girl 5 (file title unknown)
Bubble Girl's Pack of Fun ( game and 3 episodes
Bubble Girl's Pack of Fun 2 (
Bubble Girl's Pack of Fun 3 (
Nastyman Advance, .exe version ( (not from the BG series, but still looking for it)

If anyone's got 'em, I have the entire Nastyman anthology to trade, all 6 games, gold version and the Card Album.
Let me know and we can complete our collection.

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8th October, 2012 at 08/10/2012 20:42:03 -

I don't have any of them.

But why don't you just ask Nastyman yourself? He's still about.



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8th October, 2012 at 08/10/2012 23:36:54 -

... In fact, he was active 8 minutes ago!


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