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4th January, 2012 at 13:58:15 -

Hey guys remember me - World Football Quiz, ive just come back from a 6 month holiday, feel so good to beback, has anyone attempted to make a project for iphone and is it free to put it on the iphone???? happy new year clickteam and everyone in it...

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Not an installer lol..


4th January, 2012 at 16:03:28 -

It's not free. You'll need the iOS exporter, a relatively recent Apple computer and the Apple developer license thing.

Some guys have released their MMF-built games on the iTunes store but so far I haven't seen anyone talk about how their experience went (i.e. whether or not it was worth buying all that stuff in the end)



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5th January, 2012 at 05:02:43 -

I'm very close to completing my iOS project, it wasn't exactly a cheap setup (as nim points out, you need a few things) but I already had a mac so that wasn't a cost for me. I would say just for the sheer development speed it's worth the money hands down though, unless you actually need to buy another computer. I literally had my game engine and several levels in place in a day running on my phone.

Unfortunately, it is a little limited in some of the things you can pull off - you have to be very concious of object counts etc. Where as in a complete objective-C development environment you can pull off thousands of particles etc, and there are a few bugs still.


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