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VIP MemberSnow
23rd November, 2011 at 00:01:13 -

A simple post: I highly enjoy and appreciate MOTHER, and have played the second and third games of the series.
the story is superb, the attacks, enemies, worlds, and universe in general are pretty awesome, and the music is amazing too.

however, the RPG battle system drives me nuts. all stat, no skill, and to win you have to level up a trillion times. I hate any RPG, but MOTHER in particular seems very hard. I want to hear everyone's opinions on MOTHER and RPGs in general.


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Wii OwnerIt's-a me, Mario!Mushroom
28th November, 2011 at 02:30:42 -

Most people are aware that I'm a huge fan of the Mother series. I had a fangame called Mother World in the works for quite a long time actually. I have played all 3 and must say that I found Mother 3 to be...probably my least favorite. It was all sorts of dark and gloomy with very little incentive to keep playing Heck even the end didn't seem like a reward for beating the game. I'd probably go as far as saying I would play the first one for NES over it. Earthbound will always be my favorite out all the games.


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