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I am an April Fool
12th July, 2011 at 21:12:29 -

Now lets imagine the iphone exporter was already released (does it only export to the iphone or ipad as well so you can toggle the resolution between ipad/iphone instead of getting scaled up apps) OR I was making a flash game for a touch device:

How would I code a scrolling caused by a finger swipe?

If you have looked at a big picture or used a browser on a touch device you know what I mean:

If finger swipes to the right scroll to the right or basically

if finger touches screen and moves to ANY direction then scroll to that direction.

how would you code it in mmf?

i was thinking maybe something like if mouse is pressed create invisible box - ALWAYS SCROLLING AT 0,0 of box - if mouse is hold always attach box to mouse pointer. something like that. i dont really get it myself.

What I coded is:

Repeat while left mouse key is pressed + always: Center display at 0,0 of dummy box

Now my problem is that my mouse courser can be anywhere outside of the screen and not just in my viewable area so if i just move the mouse somewhere else and then press the scrolling will JUMP of course. if i would destroy the scrolling box everytime the mouse isnt pressed this would probably fix it but i cant create a new object at the position of the mouse coursor for when the mouse is pressed again.


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