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Willy C


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29th January, 2011 at 21:03:00 -

Would be great if someone could test my game and give some quick feedback

Can find a link and more info at my project page:


31st January, 2011 at 07:26:13 -

The idea of the game is nice, and I liked the look of the robots. Difficulty is okay.

In my opinion, the biggest flaw of the game is its user interface and controlling the units. I don't see absolutely neccessary to have a commander unit, because AI seems to do the same thing. Commanding the troops is pretty pain in the ass, because of the CTRL button. It would be better with only a mouse and for example command buttons for units to the screen (like move, attackmove etc. in Warcraft). Also I tried to plant new guys on the battlefield, because the icon is the same as to the buildable units. Make the unit counter look different to those.



  03/09/2012 22:58:47
3rd September, 2012 at 03/09/2012 23:03:50 -

I liked the game! it was pretty fun! First off, i'll tell you some of the bad things, and then the good things ;D

-The barricades would sometimes turn when i want to put them down but they would not turn back.
-After each stage, it does not show me the "highest ranking commander" it just shows me a blank box
-Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but i can walk through the barricades...

Here are some good things!
-I loved the enemies they were really funny and I loved how they can dance like a BOSS
-The sound effects were great!
-I liked the map
-The movement works awesome-ly
-Just plain fun!



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4th September, 2012 at 04/09/2012 09:18:49 -

I've not played the game as I'm not on PC at the moment (and rarely am theme days) but I will say the game LOOKS fun from what I've seen.

One thing that could be improved is the perspective. Example: How the road is drawn up the screen, rather than going back INTO the screen, if that makes sense. Like looking down railroad tracks. The houses appear to be a bit flat, too. However, drawing like this would affect the player movement also, so changes would need to be made there. You could go birds eye view point though and make everything flat from above. Maybe just add a bit of the front of each building to make things look more interesting. Sorry I'm really bad at explaining things.

I actually really like the animated robots though. They've got a nice style and the animation is fluid. Looks fun so far!


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4th September, 2012 at 04/09/2012 13:02:23 -

You all may want to know that WillyC released this game quite some time ago...

Play it there!


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