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22nd November, 2010 at 19:13:57 -

I have a question about HWA and Looki's shader pack.

I would like to rduce the vast number of objects I have in my application by using the shader pack to recolor and change ink effects. Here is what I am wanting to know:

This is just an example:

I have images of whatI want to explain:


As you can see, each andd every aspect of the character can be changed. I also wish to greyscale each of these aspects. So, what my questions are:

1. Will Looki's shaders change the colors of the entire object or can I choose which parts get changed?. some of these objects receive a single overlay over the entire object, while others display changes by altering more than one area with different coloed overlays.

2. Will Looki's shaders work with the built-in ink effects provided by clickteam?

I want to reduce the number of alpha channels/active objects (using 'replace color') as I possibly can. At current i counted 80 objects which i would need in order to pull this off, but it seems the more objects I have to use (or the more i have called at runtime) the slower the program runs, thus causing the application to go from regular-to-fasst speed to almost completely stopped dead in its tracks.


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