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12th November, 2010 at 20:45:31 -

I initially used KnP and TGF for creating games but found myself lacking in coding and graphics skills. From here i progressed to finding a need for applications and found myself quite competent in creating these so my last 3 complete creations in MMF2 were all Applications.

I have created 2 versions of a Call Logging System for work and a Printer Installer which compiles a Batch Script for each Printer.

I am currently working on a Library Management System using multiple array's.

To this end I wondered what the other users on TDC used their Click Products for?




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12th November, 2010 at 22:12:31 -

To make games.

I couldn't make apps if my life depended on it because I lack the interest.



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12th November, 2010 at 22:43:12 -

I've made applications out of necessity, but I have no real interest in making them rather than games. I do programming because I have to to see my creations to the end, not because I want to.

I haven't enjoyed my programming classes much because we're doing either boring applications or extremely primitive games that make a huge chore out of what could be done in literally less than a minute in MMF2. So I know I'm not in this because I adore coding.

That's not to say that I hate it. It is really nice to see hard work on a complex system turn out and I will piddle around just to see what I can come up with. It's just that I wouldn't bother if the end result was... boring.

That's like doing all the hard work of restoring an old Mustang to sell it off and buy a minivan.

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12th November, 2010 at 22:49:00 -

I completely agree with gamester.

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13th November, 2010 at 00:26:21 -

Mostly games yes,
Ive made one or two very basic apps for myself and a few tutorials.

Screensavers? lol thats something that ive never even thought about making. I don't use them either.



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13th November, 2010 at 06:46:06 -

Games mostly, but it's also a fair tool to make animated movies with.




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13th November, 2010 at 10:55:32 -

So it seems i'm at the opposite end of the spectrum. I enjoy making apps more than games as i feel it challenges me more. I will post a limited demo of my Library Management App on here when it's finishedif people are interested.




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14th November, 2010 at 04:54:48 -

Yeah, games. I don't have any applications to make. Just about every app you can find is out there. I used to make some apps for powergaming, like finding the best crops for farmville, then I realized that it's easier to just use Excel for most purposes.

Screensavers are so 90s

I'm with OMC on this, if I wanted to do coding for the sake of coding, I'd do it in C or something more fun. MMF is not at all fun for programming, the event system is very tedious, and you spend more time duct-taping stuff than actually making a game. It's good for medium-simple things, though, and great for prototypes.

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