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25th July, 2010 at 01:15:56 -

I'm not very well-known here in The Daily Click so maybe you don't know my past game. Here are the links:

I decided to release these games as an open source software under Creative Commons (by-nc-sa) license. I'm not going to develop those projects anymore (because today I use only Construct) so if someone wants to continue developing those games or something, it is now possible I also hope that my sources will help you to use MMF2 and get more of it's powerful event system.

The sources are available on my website but because it's in Finnish it's better to just share the links. Here they are:
Event groups and (most of the) comments in event editor are translated from Finnish to English.



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25th July, 2010 at 04:53:09 -

Thank you for sharing It's always nice when people share their source code. I'm sure someone will find your code very useful.

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