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22nd July, 2010 at 20:19:39 -

Hi, im new to the whole game creating scene and ive been experimenting a lot lately with MMF 2. basically im trying to create a game where (you) the player has to dodge falling ninja stars without getting hit, and basically over time they fall faster etc etc, but right now i just got the movement animations done and my character is able to move left and right no problem, however i cant get him to jump and im not sure how to go about doing this, i did the jump animations and created an event for when pressing Shift it plays the jump animation but now im kind of lost haha.

Here is what ive come up with if you wish to take a look and help me out a little bit. Also if you have any suggestions for me to continue my learning experience and things to look up, feel free to post, many thanks in advance.

Also any sugestions for things to add or anything to make it better is always welcome


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22nd July, 2010 at 21:07:40 -

You could do three things:

1. Assign the player object the default platform movement supplied with MMF2. Have the player "stop" when he collides with a background. The Jump animation should automatically play when you press Shift.

2. Use the more advanced Platform Movement Object.

3. Design a platform engine (ultimately this is what you should work towards when making games on a 2D plane but right now I'd stick with either option 1 or 2.


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