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Crazy for News

22nd November, 2008 at 16:48:43 -

In picture me this you have to guess on a picture what game it might be, this game can be downloaded from the daily click. The first person who guesses correctly wins a special tag that only this person will have for the week. Once the week is over the tag moves to the next winner! If someone guesses the game before the weekend is up.. we will just keep on going every person that wins will receive a tag!

The Rules!

1. The compo runs from friday to sunday. The picture will get more clearer during that time.
2. You can NOW GUESS TWICE A DAY so make sure what game you pick.
3. After i seen your post i will add a or sign to let you know if it is correct or incorrect. If you make more then 1 guess per day you will not be allowed to win and your name will be removed from the topic. You are allowed to make normal replies to comment on other guesses. So while it pays to wait, do not wait to long you never know what someone else is thinking.

That's it. Good luck to the winner! Remember the picture will continue to get clearer until the final image is shown on sunday evening or if anyone wins before that time.

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