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18th March, 2008 at 18:22:56 -

I've recently started on a small project based on Kid Icarus--I'm hoping to make is an SNES-style sequel to the game since Nintendo seems so reluctant to make its own... However, I'm not intending to make an entire game, since I am not Nintendo and I doubt I'd be able to live up to its standard. Therefore the farthest I intend to go is to create the first level, a stage from the middle of the game, and the last battle.


I based the sprite off of the style of the graphics from Panel de Pon (a late game in the SNES' life cycle, also made by Intelligent Systems), thinking it would be a suitable choice considering the very anime-like direction Nintendo took w/ Pit in SSBB. In the end though, the style came off to me seeming more like something from a GBA game rather than an SNES one...



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18th March, 2008 at 19:07:52 -


LOVE that sprite! I'm sure you can make somethign awesome outta it!


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19th March, 2008 at 06:19:38 -

As a big fan of the original, I think this is a great idea!

There seemed to be a missing bridge from the NES style Pit to the Wii style one from SSBB. I was stuck on the 1st level of the NES game forever. It's so much harder than the rest of the entire game.

Don't forget the eggplant wizard too!


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19th March, 2008 at 08:39:32 -

Can you make it... easier? :S I made it up to the first labyrinth in that damn game, and gave up. It was such a chore to play. If there wasn't so much to look out for, or so much that just jumped out at you, it'd be a great game!

The sprite looks damn good, by the way! Really like it.

And yeah, don't forget the eggplant wizard. As annoying as they were, I loved seeing them, they look awesome Would be great to see an updated version of them.


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