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4th February, 2008 at 20:21:10 -

I'm using qualifiers to group a bunch of different enemies so they may be treated the same way. I have a fast loop that spreads 0 across all objects within the group. I notice two things that I didn't expect.

1) If I spread a value across the entire group, each type of enemy/object within the group will have the value 0 spread. So if I have 3 enemy A and 5 enemy B I wouldn't have 0-7 throughout enemy A and B. I'd have 0-2 throughout enemy A and 0-4 throughout enemy B. No biggie, I'll just spread the values myself. Here's where I come across something else strange

2) If I spread the values across the objects myself (ie. using seperate spread value commands for each type of enemy instead of a single spread value command for the whole group), mmf doesn't start spreading from the value I specified. It would instead start spreading from the number I specify + 1. So if I want to spread value 0, it would actually spread value 1 through all objects....

Very strange problems thats causing me a small amount of grief. If anyone knows if this is a bug in mmf2 or something, let me know. Or better yet, if someone can confirm this stuff so I'll know its not just my installation. For reference, I'm running build 246.


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