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Leighton Williams

8th November, 2007 at 12:37:39 -

Hey guys.
Long time no clicking for me as I now have a son, you may wonder who I am.
I was always a person who was in the shadows of this site, read reviews, read the forums ( which I reckon is sometimes quite funny and playing everyones games. I only put one game on the site in the past but that was pretty rubbish. (try it for yourself if it's still on the site.

Anyways, where was I...
Oh yeah, I fancy coming back to one of my fav pasttimes so now I'm getting back in the swing off clicking.

Ok What I want to know is (read title)

Am I able to make a online update program with tgf or would I have to make it a different programing language...

If you fail, try try again... You'll get it in the end


8th November, 2007 at 17:35:04 -

hm, fanotherpg made a article about it.

check ->


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