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31st July, 2007 at 13:53:10 -

I just came up with this idea to make a mainly action-oriented game, and I was wondering what other people would think about it.

First off, the game plays from a top-down overhead perspective.

The player can:
- move w/ the arrows
- Dodge Roll by pressing the arrows in a certain direction twice
- jump w/ S
- dash w/ A
- use an Attack Powerup w/ D
- use a different Attack Powerup w/ W

Most enemies go down in one hit and can be defeated by jumping on them, but the player can also collect various Attack Powerups which are then equipped to the W or D keys. Collecting more than one of the same Attack Powerup upgrades the attack like in Diddy Kong Racing. An example is the Punch-Out powerup: normally, it can score a combo of 3 hits, but when powered up, it can combo infinitely until time runs out and it reverts to the normal Punch-Out again.

Other examples of Attack Powerups include a Rocket projectile attack, which upgrades into a more powerful Homing Rocket that can be fired 3 times before reverting; and a Thundershock attack, which encases the player in an electric field like Kirby's Spark ability.

The game is divided into chapters which are further divided into missions.

The player has a considerably small health bar to keep him on his toes, but a number of checkpoints are provided throughout the level which you'll be sent back to as long as you have enough lives.

Partner characters may also help out the player in some way with various abilities, but I'm not too certain how this will work yet.

Altogether, my goal is to make a fun action game w/ a unique combat system and also strong level design.

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