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1st May, 2007 at 17:51:06 -

I'm not a very strong coder but I can usually figure things out. But I do have a problem with my custom platform movement that I need help with. I have my player running around and jumping and such. I even have him moving faster when the shift button is held. What i want to happen is when the player releases either the sprint key "shift button" or a direct "left or right buttons," I want the player to slide a little bit before stopping. Another problem I am having is if I let go of the sprint key "shift" while in mid-air the players movement is slowed to the normal (non-sprinting) speed for the remained of his jump. Below I listed a link to the project. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

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1st May, 2007 at 21:56:25 -

Some flags should be able to help here, for example... if you're sprinting, toggle a flag on.. and until you reach normal speed, it wont toggle off. This will make it so that you if the flag is on, and you suddenly turn, the flag will be on, and you can make him skid.

As for the jumping, just make it so that if the shit key isn't help in, and the player is on the ground, return speed to normal. If you don't already, you can use sensors for this, I haven't check the engine or anything.


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1st May, 2007 at 22:33:30 -

Excuse me Brandon, your shit key is being helped in.

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