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General Behaviour

The Daily Click forum is a free service provided by the administration. Abuse of this service may result in severe penalties including profile removal and/or a permanent ban, according to the rules specified below.

1. Posts containing information about, or requests for, warez or pirate software will be removed. If the post concerns Clickteam software (that is, products which are part of Clickteam's range) then your details (including your user name, email address and IP, along with any other available information) will be passed on to Clickteam.

2. Users should not engage in disruptive activity such as flooding (sending multiple messages within a short space of time). This will result in your profile being removed, and a permanent ban being enforced.

3. Users should not abuse other members. This will result in the post being removed. If abuse continues (regarding the same member or otherwise) your profile will be removed and a permanent ban will be enforced.

4. Users should not use offensive or profane language. This will result in the post being altered by an administrator, or being removed entirely. In extreme cases, or when this rule is consistently broken, your profile will be removed, and a permanent ban will be enforced at the administrators discretion.

5. Posts should not contain hateful, racially or ethnically offensive content. This will result in the post being removed. In extreme cases, or when this rule is consistently broken, your profile will be removed, and a permanent ban will be enforced at the administrators discretion.

6. Posts that contain misleading or erroneous information will be removed.

7. Posts that infringe on a trademark or copyrighted material and/or content will be removed.

8. Users that impersonate another member will be deleted and permanently banned.

9. A display name should display a name or nickname at all times, adding any spaces or ., etc is not allowed since it only confused other members. Also adding code like bolt or smilies is also not allowed.

10. Ignorance is not a defence. Rules may be updated, added, or removed at any time, and without notice.

As a general rule, be courteous to all other members at all times; the "rule of common sense" is always being enforced. Administrators have the right to enforce the rules as they see fit.

Rules to be followed by all admins

Just added this piece to the tdc rules. I think it is fair but I am open to everyones input. Please let me know what you think

Rules to be followed by all admins

Admins are not allowed to remove a post and or topic under normal circumstances. If a post is offensive and is against the rules a admin should remove this content and put a warning msg inside of the offending post why it was removed keeping the topic intact. If there are to many posts to be edited and the entire original topic is out of reach a admin has the right to lock the topic, however in his final post stating why the topic is locked.

In no event as per Sunday May 31st, 2009 shall a post and or topic be removed under normal circumstances. (For Example SPAM posts warrent removal) If a post or topic gets deleted later this year the Admins will have the abbility to "revive" a removed post or topic that was deleted by another admin, if the deletion was not grounded. A breach of these rules can result into the removal of the admin privileges.

On Submitting Downloads And Previews

When submitting downloads and previews of your upcoming games, you should consider the following advice:

1. Please ensure that the download or preview has a decent description. Two or three paragraphs is acceptable, but anything resembling a couple of lines will not be accepted.

2. Ensure that the download or preview has working screenshots. Some free hosts do not allow direct linking, such as Geocities or Angelfire, so upload them to someplace which allows direct linking. Two or more working screenshots is ideal.

3. Please ensure that your download is submitted in the correct category, and state whether it is a DEMO or a FULL GAME.

4. Finally, regarding downloads, please ensure that the link actually works. You'd be surprised at the number of times downloads have been turned down because there's a slight spelling mistake in the URL. Check everything.

Extra Notes:

If you have submitted a game but are wondering why it hasn't been accepted, please don't e-mail the administrators. Instead, check out your submitted download (by clicking on User Admin in the left hand panel, and then clicking on your game in the My Downloads panel) and look for a comment by an administrator. If there is no comment, then the chances are that the administration team haven't yet gotten round to looking at the submitted download; please be patient.

If a download hasn't been accepted after around three to five days after it was submitted, and the user has done nothing to meet the requirements set by the administrators, then the download will be deleted.

In addition, please do not ask the administration team to put your download or preview on the front page of TDC - or to put it in the Game Of The Week poll. Such requests will more than likely be ignored.

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