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5th December, 2006 at 22:22:27 -

Greetings, I recall playing some considerably enjoyable Klik games a long time ago but lost them in a hard drive crash.

One of the games was called Megaman Supreme, which was obviously a fanmade MM game. The first level placed Megaman in a level where rain is furiously pouring down. Holding down would have Megaman shake, which I don't know the purpose of. As far as I'm concerned, it could have been made with Cnc, Tgf, or Mmf as I don't remember the exact details. However, it was definitely not built by K&P. Anyways, I need help finding this game.

There was also another game/series that I liked but unfortunately, I can't evoke the name. Anyways, I remember finding the game at a site that was dedicated to Cnc/Mmf. Here's an ambiguous description for this action side-scroller- The first installment of the series allowed you to specify a level immediately when you started the game, meaning while you were in the main menu. You made your selection with the arrow keys at the main menu, while you were choosing the level or options.
A bit like this:
- Seaport
- Warehouse
- Docks
- Iceland <--
- Options
- Quit

After you started a level, the screen would scroll from the right to the left, to show all the enemies and obstacles in your way until it got to your character. You controlled a character that's larger than most action platformer games and your character could only pick up a few weapons at a time like a secondary, primary, and melee. Another thing is that barbed wire or dogs killed you immediately, the moment they touch you. After you died, you would disappear and you would usually have to restart the stage, if you haven't reached a checkpoint. If you're thinking of a genre, evocative of the Gunner series or Commando, you'd be right but it is neither one of the aforementioned games. Also, another note worthy feature is that there was no interface as in no indications for health or ammunition.

If I remember correctly in the series there were two installments and one expansion for the second game. I remember the expansion to the second game to have a level that started with an operative giving you instructions via some device before you began the mission, which took place in the night.

My point is if anyone could find links so I could obtain these games again. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.



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6th December, 2006 at 17:28:37 -

I think the first game you mention (the megaman one) is called Megaman Supreme.

As for the second one, I have no idea.


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6th December, 2006 at 17:47:24 -

That second one sounds alot like Teppodon (But it's not; you couldn't choose your levels).

There's a link to the 3 most well known of Ikiki's games. I suggest trying them out.

But besides Teppo sounding a bit like the game you're looking for, I can't really much more.

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6th December, 2006 at 20:53:23 -

Sorry, it's not in the Ikiki series. I've played those games before and agree that they are very similar but the game I mentioned had characters that were probably three, if not four times as large as the ones found in Teppodon or any of its predecessors. Furthermore, the Teppo series is reasonably modern and the games I mentioned were made much earlier than when any of these games were released. It might even be a safe bet to say that it came out before the Gunner series.

The game I'm looking for, opens in full screen right after you started it. The first game also had a blue menu screen when you started the game. Also, if I recall, the second installment and expansion both had separate installations. Another important detail is that these games were in English unlike the Teppo series, which was of Japanese language. The enemies included people who had ski masks sort of like terrorists, dogs, and others that I can't remember. Perhaps you can find the game if you have an old archive of Klik games released.

If you know about the game called Megaman Supreme, could you give me a download link or send a copy to me?



24th November, 2009 at 20:21:40 -

Hey, I remember playing Megaman Supreme ages ago. I believe it came out around 1998-2000. Unfortunately, I no longer have it. I recall that it was one of the best unofficial MM games made. I also believe it's nearly impossible to find now since I haven't been able come up with any matches. (Lost in the purge?)

With that said, I wanted to see if anyone else could have possibly stored this game on his hard drive? I truly long to play it again and would be eternally grateful if I could get my hands on it again. I tend to think about the title whenever I hear about Klik games.



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24th November, 2009 at 20:27:27 -

Haha, 3 year bump. I like you already.

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24th November, 2009 at 22:05:31 -

Please, don't encourage him!


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25th November, 2009 at 00:33:12 -

But there's so much good hidden deep in the dusty corners.

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  28/10/2019 20:29:38
14th November, 2019 at 14/11/2019 22:18:23 -

Was anyone ever able to find Megaman Supreme? It was a game that was made during the GeoCities days. I've been looking on the Internet and have only be able to find information about it here.



  08/06/2020 19:44:55
8th June, 2020 at 08/06/2020 19:47:08 -

I'm looking for this too, someone on the Kliktopia Discord server requested it and it sounds pretty interesting.


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