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mr cnstrctr

15th August, 2006 at 12:45:10 -

hi everyone remember me?

well i thought id let you see a bit more of the project me and som ppeople are working on. this is what the game swill feature:

arrow keys: move
shift: jump
click: fire missile (dunno why i put that in)
alt+f4: quit

ok im no artist but it should give you an idea of what this product can do. it requires directX 9, because its hardware accelerated directX 9. the clouds are alpha blended, display vsynced (look scrolling is really smooth), and evry 10 second sthe time of day changes, time of day effects difficult to do in mmf but runs smoothly and easily in directx like this. see the full screen colour blending effects, even runs well on crappy old geforce 2.

ok so our program isnt far enough yet to actually make it, this was maed in C++, but it shud give you an idea of what it will do later.

dont forget requires directx9

cheers cya folks

- thcnstrctr

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