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31st May, 2006 at 13:49:23 -

Like when TGF and KNP was released alot of years ago, everyone was new to it. All games sucked, to be honest. No games had custom engines, no one even knew what that was... Games was accepted without custom engines and with ripped graphics. It was very easy for n00bs, people new to the products, to get into kliking.
But now,, its like you HAVE to use custom engines and original graphics that takes several hours or days to put together. Also you should have original music, in mp3 format and also an online score-board...

So, how do you think it is to be new to the klik-products today?
The first game you make, submit it to this site. And you get called retard, n00b, that your games suck, whatever. People expect all games to have the stuff i mentioned above.
Sometimes i just feel sorry for all the new guys on this site,, like just because they got into kliking several years after us other 'veterans'... i dont know... i just think kliking has became to advanced... TGF in my opinion, is supposed to be something simple...

Well, thanks for listening to my opinions...



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31st May, 2006 at 14:10:17 -

Dissection time, sorry.

But now,, its like you HAVE to use custom engines and original graphics that takes several hours or days to put together.
That's not true. Custom engines are a cinch, I constructed my first one without any examples or tutorials; it had double-jumping, dashing and a chargeable weapon; and didn't take more than a couple of hours. Nowadays I could put together that much in half an hour. The difficulty is really overrated; it's just something neubs sometimes have to be prodded into doing.
As for graphics, to take a recent example, Treasure Towers by Wong is a fantastic game despite having very simplistic graphics. I've played better games with worse.

Also you should have original music, in mp3 format
No way, man. Until we've all got pipes you could fit the fat bitch at the end of my block through MP3 music is a bad idea unless you know what you're doing. Modules are preferred, I think. And they hardly need to be original, plenty of mod composers allow us to use their stuff for games freely, and even if they don't, nobody cares, do it anyway. Using your Nirvana MIDI collection is not a brilliant idea, beyond that nobody really cares.

online score-board
Nice feature, but nobody's ever been trashed for not having one.

Most of these aren't an issue for the observant newcomer. There seems to be a strong correlation between noobiness and age. I think that's the only factor, really. Kids are attracted to klik because it's 'easy', and after putting no effort into their products come up with crap. Sure, everyone was new once, and there are perhaps more skilled people around now, but there are mature neubs that know what they're doing, they just don't bother anyone with shit because they fit right in.



Deleted User
31st May, 2006 at 15:01:27 -

Heh, i knew someone would post something similiar.

I dont know what i were trying to say... I just think its too hard for a newcomer these days to get accepted in the kliking communtiy.

Sorry if i didnt make any sense...

And when i said 'us' i meant those who had been into kliking for as long as i had, 6 years believe it or not.



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1st June, 2006 at 02:53:54 -

People like me with little programming skill always start off with poor games, then you will have to slowly learn the wonders of custom movement.

Given that the built in movement is so buggy (and when i started clicking there was no platform movement object) it's quite essential to learn custom engines, and ripped graphics aren't good to see unless the game in question is a fangame that is so close to the original that it needs ripped graphics to retain the look.


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