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31st January, 2006 at 23:52:13 -

Hello there guys .
I've been watching this site and forum for awhile,i got some nice ideas reading the posts from here,and i didn't see best place to try to solve my doubt ?_?

I am coding a little megaman x game,using custom movement.
Everything is going very well,but there's a little thing that REALLY is annoyng me.

I've code the "dash" (megaman x goes faster when dashes),and some problems with the walls show up.
Seems like Megaman X "hit" the wall in diferent places to stop..It's almost random(When he walks it doesn't happen).

To study the problem,i've coded a little scene with one single frame object and started to code
the collisions.
When he moves at 3 or 4 pixel,the collision is OK.But at 5,6... he just stop in different places!

I tried fast loops.It didn't work very well...It's better than the normal,but still not like i wanted.

The only way i found was "mapping" all the walls in the stage,to stop Megaman X exactly where i wanted.But i fell that this is very,very stupid ^^'.

I tried several ways to fix it,but still not working.
(i use some "detectors" around megaman x to do the collisions)

If someone could give me a little help...=P i would be very happy.

Sorry by the disturb...And the bad english =P


Woa o.o"

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