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Shawn Wolfram

28th November, 2005 at 19:26:48 -

I noticed the lack of wrestling fans around this place. Ha ha, I remember there being more the last time I was here. Anyways this is a music video I made of one of the practice sessions of my old Backyard/Indy wrestling feds, ETW. It's about 22 megs so those of you with a dial up can kiss my ass. Well, not really cause I love you but yeah, get with the times.

Anywho the music is set to "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" by Trivium and the matches are as followed:

Match One (Singles)
Gilgamesh(Me) vs. Brandon Ward

Match Two (Singles)
Draco Mordred vs. Jonny Killjoy

Match Three (Random Gauntletly Match)
Brandon Ward
Matt Bacalling
Draco Mordred
Rob Tilton

Teh Link

EDIT: If you're easily offended, then uhh... shut up.

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Shawn Wolfram

30th November, 2005 at 00:13:08 -

Sheesh, you guys really don't like wrestling. Not even enough to at least watch one 4 minute video, or at least give a reply or something. = Myspace is for fags.



This fool just HAD to have a custom rating


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30th November, 2005 at 03:27:54 -

Not me...

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