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24th November, 2005 at 19:15:26 -

Heh, I accidently found a glitch in super mario sunshine where you will fall into nothing and lose a life. To get to this, you must be in Delfino Plaza and goto the place with that open window on the biulding (near that wierd rays of light thing that leads to another level) Do a backflip next to the window followed by a wall jump. Then when in the highest point at your jump, activate your hoverpack and hover BACKWARDS torward the building and you will fall into the building and either into the ubderground passageway, or fall into nothing. this may take a few trys.

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24th November, 2005 at 20:20:36 -

well, the game was supposed to have been rushed a little, still it's still a pretty solid game as far as i'm concerned. Ive never found a bug/glitch at all in that game.


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2nd December, 2005 at 19:12:59 -

I found several glitches when i played it a while ago, though it was a while ago so i dont remember any of them.....

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