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Lucien Mayo (Zodiak)

1st November, 2004 at 02:04:49 -

I recently started paying a free 2d-side scrolling MMORPG, and i have to say it is very addicting. I was wondering if anyone else in the daily click plays it. My user name on it is Zodiack (Zodiak and Zodiac were taken ;( ) for those of you who dont know what Maple Story is heres the offical site it is still in open beta stages but really worth a try. you get to choose your appearance and your starting weapon (the bat is the best it has 19 attack power the other ones have 17). when you get to level 10 you get to change you class to either a magician, thief, archer, or warrior. Check it out.

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6th November, 2004 at 15:02:11 -

haven't ever played Maple Story.

Runescape is very addicting though. I don't think I'll be making many games til I get rid of my Runescape addiction first. Curse MMORPGs!!!

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