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Juan's Quest
Author: LucchettiFan Submitted: 9th November, 2023 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 27

Edited By LucchettiFan on 25/11/2023

This is the a platformer game where you are Juan and you need to rescue the king of a bad ogres that have kidnnaped him.
This is the demo. The full game will be release after christmas because Clickteam 2.5 Developer will be my chistmas gift. But i hope you enjoy the demo! And probably in the future it will be a normal rpg, with eight directions and a turn based battle system.

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Posted by Ambrion 19th November, 2023

Is it just me or does the download link report a broken archive? I don't think I can extract the files A little help please?
Posted by LucchettiFan 20th November, 2023

Ohh, i will try to solve it now.
Posted by LucchettiFan 20th November, 2023

Well, I have a problem and that is that I use a dialogue system that is timed.
And when I upload the game to it gets stuck in the first dialogue and never advances, when after ten seconds it should advance to the second dialogue. On the other hand, when I run the application from Clickteam it works perfectly. Do you know how to solve that?
Posted by Ambrion 20th November, 2023

Iím not sure what you mean by first dialogue. Perhaps the box that tells you the archive is corrupted? Well anyway, try publishing the game differently, maybe as just an executable. My best guess for now is you didnít zip your files up properly (Yes, I have WinRAR installed and I even tried repairing it. Becomes blank when you open it). Itís sort of like not including the most important elements (such as dll files, DirectX extensions, etc.) to get the game running

Perhaps Joshtek can guide you on how to resolve this issue. Iím not much of help, I can only hope it will work in the future
Posted by Ambrion 20th November, 2023

Nevermind, I just re-read your second comment. Youíre talking about the in-game dialogue, whereas I am still stuck on the ZIP file that wonít extract/preserve the files when downloaded
Posted by LucchettiFan 20th November, 2023

I honestly don't know what happened to the rar file. I think I put it in downloadable but I had to put it in html5, and I don't know why it's broken. Yes I tried to solve it but I told you what happened to me with the first dialogue, so I left it like that. Well, maybe I should ask Joshtek for help.
Posted by LucchettiFan 25th November, 2023

I solve the error





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