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Tutti Fruiti Arrow Sparrow
Author: Indigo Steel Shield Submitted: 3rd September, 2018 Favourites:0
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Edited By Indigo Steel Shield on 19/09/2018

Edited By Indigo Steel Shield on 19/09/2018

You are a sparrow who's name is Flynn-Flam. You are friends with four fairies who have been kidnapped by goblins, and placed inside crystals. The goblins wish to sell them and hope to make a lot of money. You intend to rescue them.

In the upper left section of the screen from left to right are the following indicators: your lives, fruits you have eaten, and the charged arrow counter.

Using the mouse, move the blue crosshairs, and the sparrow will follow where ever the cross hairs are. You must avoid all the crystals, goblins, spinning blades, and flaming blots. All of those will kill you. To attack, press the left mouse buttom, and the sparrow will become an arrow that will fire and land to where the cross hairs were. Once the arrow reaches that point, it will become the sparrow again. The flaming arrow will kill any goblins that it hits. It will also break any spinning blades. But, it can be turned into ashes by any of the crystals or flaming blots.

The sparrow can eat fruit that killed goblin leave behind. Once the fruits eaten indicator has been filled, if you press the <SPACE> bar, the chared arrow counter will show a red arrow. This means that the next arrow you launch will be a charged arrow. These arrows can break the small orange crystals, but it can not break the crystal that contains a fairy. It is but breaking the small orange crystals with charged arrows, that will break the crystals that contian the fairies. This is how you will free your friends.

Press <ESC> to quit.

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