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TGF1 Tetris V.0.3
Author: ooo Submitted: 14th May, 2018 Favourites:0
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Edited By ooo on 23/05/2018

Edited By ooo on 23/05/2018

TGF1 Tetris V.0.3.
The gameplay :
You control a shape that spawns at the top of a 10x20 grid, the shape constantly falls
until it either lands on the field's floor or on the top of a previous shape that has landed,
a new shape will spawn when the piece lands.
If one row contains 10 blocks, the line goes blank while the blocks above it falls down. Every
certain value of lines you clear, the active shape will fall a bit faster. The game ends when
the landed shapes blocks the entry of where the shapes spawns, when it does, you end up seeing the
high score table.
There are 8 various of shapes that you control, the shapes are mostly in a 4 square form, you can
also rotate the shapes. You get points for every drop & line you break (rows with 10 blocks/squares.).

- New graphics.
- Added sounds.
- I piece spawns in the middle columns.
- Changed the define names.
- Fixed a bug where you could slide over blocks when at top of the field.
- You can now change the value greater than 1 on vertical speed.
- Fixed a bug where the active piece would jump on a block.
- Does not write high score values from highest to the lowest on INI file anymore, due to
crashing purposes.
- Fixed some weird piece drop bug.
- Linescan01 & 03 had a bug where it could not clear lines sometimes, should be fixed now.
- Also fixed a bug where the 1x1 piece would create one extra block on a empty cell even if the
row is under 8 blocks.

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