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.arena is a top-down shooter. It's entirely score based, like old arcade games. Every enemy is designed to be difficult yet simple at the same time. Below is a full guide to the game's mechanics and items.

MOVEMENT - WASD to move, MOUSE1/Left Mouse to shoot.

Sniper Power Up - Your range is increased dramatically for 10 seconds.

Skull - A basic enemy with low hp. Doesn't move too fast.

Crossfire Drone - Low hp, but watch the pattern on it's sprite. It fires in a set pattern, so be sure to not get caught in it's fire!

Purple Skull - Dies in one hit. Gets faster over time and hard to see. Be on the look out!


Don't forget to tell me your highest score!
(Also feedback on gameplay and bug reports would be great too.)
Engine - Clickteam 2.5
Sprites and Programming - lolbyte
Music and Sounds from

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th February, 2018

Please fix the screenshots before we accept this.




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