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Turning The Tide
Author: Steve Harris Submitted: 5th June, 2009 Favourites:4
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 318
97th Place     (4.27 / 5)

Edited By Steve Harris on 6/5/2009



Welcome to January 1945 the critical turning point of World War II. The Nazis march towards total world domination is gathering pace. The Allied forces are at breaking point and new plans are being hatched to halt the seemingly impossible Nazi war machine and turn the tide towards an all out victory for the Allied forces.

YOU have been handpicked to carry out solo missions of vital importance to military command. Carry these out successfully and you will turn the tide towards an all out Allied victory.

Fly, shoot, swoop, bomb, depth charge and strafe

Go from flying covert ops to taking part in a dogfight over London to destroying enemy radar stations and weapons factories.

Send enemy soldiers flying with strategically placed bombs or sending them diving cover whilst strafing their encampments!

Fight and destroy submarines, planes, tanks, blimps, boats, landing ships and more through 16 levels of action-packed fun!

Do the right thing. Become a hero!

Follow up to the hit arcade game Blue Dragon comes this new commercial game from myself and Hayo van Reek which will be onsale from Wednesday 10th May 2009 selling for $10 (is available on pre-order from the website at a discount at the moment).

After 5 years in the making we're finally in a position to release TTT and we hope you enjoy it!

Don't forget to submit your scores to the website so we can all see everyones scores!


Coding - Steve Harris
Art Work - Hayo Van Reek
Music - Johan Hargne
Storyline - Steve Harris
Lead Beta Tester - Tomasz "Fanotherpg" Kaczmarek

This is a TDC only release at the moment as we gear the site up for release. There may be some small cosmetic changes between now and the release date in the game and on the site.

All beta testers will receive their free copy in their inbox first thing on Wednesday.

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Posted by OMC 5th June, 2009

This is such a cool game.
Posted by W3R3W00F 5th June, 2009
Rated :

Epic game of epicness. Such an....... EPIC game.
Posted by OMC 5th June, 2009

I will endeavor to find the time to play it again and give a more in-depth opinion.
Posted by Hayo 5th June, 2009
Rated :

This is to rate the coding and the music.

I am so happy this is finally done
Posted by W3R3W00F 5th June, 2009
Rated :

So you forget about your art?

It's just as amazing.
Posted by maVado 6th June, 2009

Holy Cow! DL right now!
Posted by Cecilectomy 6th June, 2009
Rated :

this really isnt that fun. the controls feel like lunar lander, which makes combat and gameplay for a plane game horrible. oh so many things wrong within the first 10 minutes of play.

i only played the introduction and first level but it was enough to put me off of the rest of the game.

problems with introduction

the introduction should end as soon as you fail to do something. i got to the landing only to find out there was a target i missed. (even that took me a handful of tries) the only indication of what youre supposed to be doing is in the tiny text at the bottom, and quite frankly its annoying to have to READ WHILE PLAYING!

problems with first level

introduction over.

starts the first level.

"what? its starting?! *CRASHhHhH*". not even a "prepare to fight" momentarily as the plane emerges from the left screen and the level starts? anything?

problems with enemies

another detrimental flaw is enemy planes come right out of the right side with no indication. which takes ANY fun away from flying really fast or dogfighting. which is what this should have been, a fun air-to-air and air-to-ground flying combat game. simply putting an "incoming enemy" flashing icon or flashing red where the planes will be coming from would allow you to slow down, get ready, and actually fight them. instead of hoping youre in the right spot, dont crash into them, and can fire at them. tanks seemed to just sit there, and enemies ran around doing nothing.

from the screen shots, it looks like planes will at least be firing back at some point.

problems with difficulty modes


first of all, this is probably the most unforgivable thing a developer can do to a game. base the games difficulty on controls. seriously!? the controls are directly mapped to the difficulty! the plane is more floaty and slower feeling on easy. and on hard the plane...well feels more like a plane. hard was actually the 'easiest' difficulty to play on. ASS BACKWARDS! dont ever try and give artificial difficulty by altering the controls. thats terrible bad bad bad game design.

things i liked

it looked gorgeous and sounded great, good job hayo and johan, but the game is not epic. far from it. this is nothing but a reskinned, rescored, remade, lengthened "blue dragon". even the start of the first level looks EXACTLY THE SAME. gameplay hasnt changed almost at all. you can shoot a little up and a little down when falling and rising but thats about it and shooting has cooldown.

seriously? 10$ ? not even its pretty graphics and and great score can redeem that price point.
Comment edited by ZombieTaco Cecil on 6/6/2009
Comment edited by ZombieTaco Cecil on 6/6/2009
Posted by Hayo 6th June, 2009
Rated :

I am looking at the largest comment in the history of TDC.

Could you tell me what's sad about rating this game only on the things that I didn't do? Rating my own graphics would be like...wanking.

But okay, we all have a different taste I guess.
Posted by Cecilectomy 6th June, 2009
Rated :

haha sorry hayo i read that as graphics and music not coding and music. misunderstanding.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 6th June, 2009

It's true that you get no time to react for most of the combat so most of the time you're killed or miss the target through no fault of your own. In the intro sequence the blimp passed me by and was so far above me it was impossible to reach. So, I had to memorize the TUTORIAL level just to beat it. That doesn't seem right.
Posted by Cecilectomy 6th June, 2009
Rated :

well youre pretty much going to do the same for every mission. all the planes and enemies come from about the same place with little variation. perhaps a little higher or lower each time but they come about the same vertical space and horizontal space each time. and if youre going to fast youll miss the end of the level too.

and before anyone says "well you only played the intro and first level for 10 minutes" gtfo. i currently have the 1st rank on the lite high score board with 11,208 points and have beaten every level in the demo. cause im a fair judge. and my consensus stands. its badly designed. it COULD have been exponentially more awesome.

the only way i could beat the levels was to fly at the top of the screen momentarily firing so i didnt crash into a high flying plane, and dropped all 20 bombs evenly spaced to rack up ground enemy points or if my bomb hit a plane etc.

i COULD play them over and over until i memorized the levels but i had more fun my way. and im not interested in paying 10$ to do that for another 13 levels.
Posted by Rox Flame 6th June, 2009

If I had made this game I would take ZombieTaco Cecil's comments very seriously and release an update patch with a few added tweaks, especially the ability to see where planes will be coming from, otherwise your position on screen seems quite irrelevant and you may as well be firing the entire time.
That said, I havn't actually played the game, which is why I won't rate it.
Posted by danjo 6th June, 2009
Rated :

couple of points that raised an eyebrow...
installer ?
then a RESTART ??
pre-pay for a klikgame (not saying you wont finish it, but klikgames are more often than not never finished, and this is what you've got after 5 years ???)

graphics are top notch, sounds are good. game play was fairly standard, and i personally didnt like the way you had to fly the plane.
Posted by Steve Harris 6th June, 2009

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

@ Cecil - IMO you need to relax and not come across as so aggressive. Your feedback is gratefully received.

I have played with the engine to see how it would be if you were warned when enemy planes etc were coming up on you. It makes the game boring and predictable IMO.

All the missions in the game aren't the same as in the demo btw. You get to pilot a sub and a few other things in the full game. I'm working on the video today.

I'll add a few hints for the tutorial level, so you are warned when they're coming up.

@ Danjo - Not sure why the installer made you restart?? It's never done that to me or any other tester (roughly 20 or so). I had to have an installer because of installing some files I need for Vista. Not my preference, but not much I could do.

EDIT: I've removed the need for you to blow everything up to progress past the induction level (haven't uploaded this yet though).
Comment edited by Steve Harris on 6/6/2009
Posted by Steve Harris 6th June, 2009

Thanks for all the positive feedback as well BTW. Didn't mean to just respond to the negative
Posted by Johnny Look 6th June, 2009

I agree with pretty much everything Cecil said, I love the graphics and the overall presentation is pretty nice, but the gameplay is way below par with other free shmups I played. I just couldn't enjoy it much, it was mostly a matter of going full speed while clicking the fire button and trying to mantain the airplane far from the ground.

However I'm pretty sure with some small additions here and there like knowing when enemies airplanes are aproaching or making the screen bigger would make the game much better.
Comment edited by Johnny Look on 6/6/2009
Posted by Steve Harris 6th June, 2009

How about if I add in a short range radar?
Posted by danjo 6th June, 2009
Rated :

i didnt install to the prog files folder though - rather a diff folder. perhaps it was XP. but my system needed a restart after installing it. thought it was very strange it did that.

yes a SR radar would be good to have.
Comment edited by danjo on 6/6/2009
Posted by Matthew Wiese 6th June, 2009
Rated :

Looks like fun, and I'm glad to see you can drop bombs on planes. Always loved that in plane games. Especially in very realistic ones where I would fly straight up. And when the enemy would be on my tail, I'd drop a bomb and blow their face in.

Anyway: The game's downloadin' I'll comment later.
Posted by Rikus 6th June, 2009

Hey steve, I am not goint to review/rate this yet but I just send you a whopping PM so check that out with some suggestions on how to make this a potential rocking game!
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th June, 2009
Rated :

I only suggest to restart highscores before starting selling this game.

Ou and about controls it's not a piece of shit like most shooters it needs a bit to be a hardcore to play it which is IMHO good, very good.
Posted by Cecilectomy 7th June, 2009
Rated :

sorry i come off as aggressive. its just my style. im an agressive person.

and dont get me wrong. i didnt NOT like it. i just found there to be too many things that stand out that make it mediocre.

i played the hell out of the demo, but thats just it. i have no reason to go back and play it more, and no motivation to spend 10$ (or 7.50 onsale preorder) as it seems quite unfair for the amount and quality of content.

but thats a flaw with developing a game. when YOU play it YOU are going to get bored of how the game plays very fast. and it seems like you only had a handful of beta testers. you need to get quite a bit of feedback. already, the one thing you found to make the game boring is what people are complaining about.

i also think if youre going to make a demo you should change it up. maybe make an actual DEMO level with all the various game types instead of just unlocking the first few levels. it would greatly improve and broaden feedback, and it wouldnt let the game be spoiled.

i wish the best of luck to the game and if things look better ill perhaps check it out again.
Posted by Johnny Look 7th June, 2009

I agree, a radar would be awesome.
Posted by Klayman 7th June, 2009
Rated :

I love this game. It's very well polished and professional. My only gripe is the one-hit-death. I think that for easy or medium difficulty you should give the players a few extra hits.

Great Job.
Posted by Steve Harris 7th June, 2009

Thanks Klayman Image

OK i've uploaded a video showing the new short range radar system. Feedback please if you don't mind Image

Have designed it only for flying objects (planes, blimps, V2 Rockets etc)
Comment edited by Steve Harris on 6/7/2009
Posted by Steve Harris 7th June, 2009

Just uploaded a new version of the demo with quite a few cosmetic changes, changes to the induction and also addition of the radar.

Posted by Rob Rule 7th June, 2009

Nice work on receiving the criticisms so well Steve, it's not easy.
Posted by W3R3W00F 7th June, 2009
Rated :

I'll say! I'm impressed.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 7th June, 2009
Rated :

This game is quite enjoyable, good job Steve! I really like the gfx, and the music is good too. The gameplay is real fun, and the planes did get annoying sometimes, but I think they were a fun and challenging addition. Though I had a problem one time where I shot down a plane, and dove down at the same time. And they plane on fire hit me and I blew up. Now, that was a shock, but I'm glad that sense of realism was added. But I probably wouldn't buy this game for $10, maybe around $6.5-8. I would like to suggest to fix one graphical error and that is on the second level, while over the water, those barricades that are in the water, their bottoms end abrouptly, if I were Hayo, I'd just rough out the edges so it doesn't look pasted on. Also, I thought that the German's fighters were gray, or some dark color, not yellow.

Example of barricade problem:
Posted by Assault Andy 8th June, 2009

I agree with Rob Rule, well done on taking the criticism productively and listening to what people have to say. It will make your game much better.

The radar looks like a very useful and essential gameplay addition! I have no doubt that it will make the game much more fun and less frantic.
Posted by maVado 8th June, 2009

It would be cool if you could do a looping on a button to go up in screen, flip over and be back a few meters back in the game. So let's say you have fuel for 3 loopings per mission so you can actually go back and redo a target if you have missed it.
Posted by Steve Harris 8th June, 2009

Thanks for the idea maVado. But this is an idea i've been exploring for a sequel. Will probably be based in Vietnam in a chopper where you have to pick up injured soldiers whilst defending yourself (excluding the looping part obviously). You'll have a fuel issue to deal with and will be able to land back at base to refuel and re-arm.

Anyway I digress...

<quote>Nice work on receiving the criticisms so well Steve, it's not easy.</quote>

It's quite easy when that feedback is well thought out and constructive. So you lot can pat yourselves on the back too
Comment edited by Steve Harris on 6/8/2009
Posted by OMC 8th June, 2009

Not only does Steve make good games, he also takes criticisms well and isn't afraid to make hokey counter-compliments. That is admirable in a member, to say the least.
Posted by Leander Leitner 10th June, 2009
Rated :

I like the game. Very well done! The controls are difficult to master, which is an interesing concept. Once you've found a way to fly around you are not able to destroy all planes - good as well. Someone said the game could have been a fun shooter but... well, who says it should be a fun shooter? It's a rather difficult "just hit a few enemies"-shooter than a "shoot em all"-game.

My only negative point is the unbalanced level of difficulty. You could fly in the middle of the screen and would have a horribly difficult game but you could also cheat your way through a level by holding the left button all the time and crawling along the top border of the screen. No enemy will harm you except for like 1-2 planes per level. You can easily destroy them when you know when they will appear on the screen.

I also have to agree with some people that critizise the negative side of flying fast. The game is difficult or even impossible with high speed but pretty easy with the slowest speed possible and flying on top of the screen.
Posted by Ski 10th June, 2009
Rated :

I really enjoyed this. I think people are being quite picky, considering the quality of it compared to the average game made in MMF2. Beautiful graphics and music!
Posted by Steve Harris 10th June, 2009

We've released the full version today

All pre-order emails have been sent.

There will be hard copies available to buy. I'll be making the order page look all nice and spiffy over the weekend and this will be added.

Comment edited by Steve Harris on 6/10/2009
Posted by Marko 13th June, 2009
Rated :

You know what, i liked the fact you had to memorise the enemies' positions to get the highest scores! This is what all the classic shoot-em-ups like Raiden, R-Type et al had, and it makes it hard-core. This game isn't for everyone, which is fair enough, but i like it!
Posted by phanto 14th June, 2009

Wasn't my type of arcade shooter but good luck selling it, it has some nice qualities.
Posted by Fordom 17th June, 2009
Rated :

I want to help the Nazis.
Posted by Marko 20th June, 2009
Rated :

You bad-lad





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