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CLIFFALL - Treasures of the Lost Cave
Author: Aloan Moreira Submitted: 29th May, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 375
162nd Place     (3.75 / 5)

Edited By Aloan Moreira on 17/01/2020

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Download here:!AgeVSDKVW0EIpFBFGIcAe7hj3a-g?e=gEpjQg

Latest upload: May, 2018!

Story and goals:

You're Pitfall Larry (Harry's cousin), who while visiting an Indian tribe in the Amazon, has come to ask the Chief's daughter in marriage. It was a daring wish, all the tribe thought! And so the Chief decided to throw a challenge. He said: Larry, if you prove to me that you are a brave man for the love of my daughter, you shall have my blessing. Your challenge is: To bring the 3 super treasures that are within the dangerous caves inside the great mountain near our land. Pitfall Larry accepted the challenge, but the tribe thought he would be a dead man, since the dangerous Lost Cave is the 7th of the treacherous levels he must traverse, including a huge ocean where Larry must dive to the depths to find missing stones that will open paths for him to continue.
And so you set out bravely to venture and conquer honor and happiness!

Have fun jumping from high Cliffs, climbing trees and swinging on vines "Tarzan style". But watch out for the many animals within the island: Their bites and stings will hurt, but You can heal your injuries by eating fruits that are scattered along the way.
Your main goal will be to find the legendary "Great Mayan
Diamond" hid there by an ancient tribe, the great Ruby ring and the Golden bird statue. Only by collecting these 3 treasures will you be able to summon a good friend (a vulture) which will fly you out of the mountain (the same way as it escorted you in), for it is filled with death spikes on the outskirt, making it impossible to leave or come into the cave mountain by any other means. Points are also earned by collecting money bags, gold bars and precious gems: Sapphire (red), Aquamarine (blue) and Emerald (green)


left and right arrows = move
up arrow = climb vines and ladders
down arrow = duck down or descend vines and ladders
control = jump
ESC --- = quits
M ----- = music off
Enter: restarts current level.
Alt + Enter = window mode.

You can also crouch under those pesky bats and angry beach birds by pressing down!

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Posted by s-m-r 29th May, 2009

Looking forward to playing the newest levels, man! Great to see development has continued.
Posted by Assault Andy 30th May, 2009
Rated :

It's pretty fun and awesome. It also reminds me of that early Hugo game on Dos. I look forward to the full version however I ran into a glitch twice that was quite annoying and I had to restart the game:

I got stuck on the wall while falling down the cliff here. It also happened inside the cave. I couldn't move and I had to restart.
Posted by ben mercer 30th May, 2009
Rated :

Hehehe this takes me back. Pretty good and fun to play, although the platform engine needs some work. It looks like you've used the characters graphical sprite to control collisions as well which is a bad move. You should look up some articles on making a platform engine.
Posted by Jess Bowers 30th May, 2009
Rated :

Aloan, you've done a wonderful job on this game! It really does have that "Pitfall" feel - which I used to play for hours on my Atari 2600.

My only criticism would be to repeat what Ben Mercer said. Instead of using the sprite for collision detection, use a "Sprite Mask" instead. The "Sprite Mask" is just an invisible box that doesn't change size or shape and which performs all of the collision detection. Then, you just place the animated sprite over the top of the sprite mask. If you did this you could get rid of those white pixels you're using when the sprite is running and has both feet off of the ground. The sprite would remain aloft and not fall because the sprite mask would still be in contact with the ground.

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE what you've done and can't wait for you to finish the remaining levels! Thanks for taking me back in time!
Posted by MBK 31st May, 2009

For that glitch, you could also just add a bit of code if you didn't want to use a sprite mask.
You'd need the top of the cliff (the platform part) to be seperate from the wall section though.

The code would go something like this: If character is overlapping the wall, and the characters position is to the right of the center of the wall, the set Y position of the character to its current Y pos +1 (or whatever value that looks good) ... If it's left of center of the wall, set position to current pos -1.

Hope that helps.

Posted by UrbanMonk 31st May, 2009
Rated :

OR, if he's using mmf2 he could use the alpha channel to hide the white pixels.

Very fun indeedy, I just wish all the bugs weren't there.
Posted by Dave S. 1st June, 2009
Rated :

Ah, blocky graphics... those were the days.

The character disappears sometimes which means a restart but the scenery is nice to look at.

Sound is used well and the game is easy to get into... nice work!

Maybe you should try to iron out the bugs first before creating new levels... Dave S.
Posted by ben mercer 9th June, 2009
Rated :

This is pretty fun! The element of exploration is quite compelling to keep playing. However I think there is too much time spent travelling; like on the first level you have to go round that underwater bit loads of times to get back up to the top and its just not necessary. Also the undersea level is a bit too big in my opinion, you spend ages swimming around before you find anything interesting.
Posted by Va1entine 8th October, 2009
Rated :

I really enjoyed the graphics,Akeneui has an amazing pitfall feek too it. My favouite part was the sound effects which were executed to the highest standard i've seen from a click game. One or two bugs let this game down alittle. Wish it was free so i could play the whole game
Posted by Va1entine 8th October, 2009
Rated :

The Menu screen is a bit muddled, took me awhile to understand how to start the game.
You should consider useing number 1 as the start as this makes more sence.

2 mission,3 controls 4 credits

Comment edited by Va1entine on 10/8/2009
Posted by Va1entine 8th October, 2009
Rated :

Great work though, this is one of the all time best Click games. Good Job!!!!
Posted by Ski 10th October, 2009

How come I missed this? o.o
Posted by danjo 5th November, 2009
Rated :

how have you managed to make something resembling the default platform movement - and then make it worse?
the game mechanics/ platform coding is just awful.

im a fan of retro games, and you just made me mad when i saw this vandalism of a nice concept.

2 stars for the consistent retro style/look.
then you ask for money? WTF ! -1 star for being delusional.
Posted by Aloan Moreira 9th November, 2009

Danjo... The TDC folks who are cheerful enough to leave a comment about the game are getting a personally dedicated full version straight from me (including you too). That's my way of showing some appreciation.
As for selling it, So far I have only sold 1 copy. That's $4.50 since the sale went out last month or so.
Besides, the game is getting a 50% cut off the price ($2.49), because I like to play it fair (go, according to the sales figures).
As for it being awful in coding ..mmm You're the only one who has complained as the game has been better as time went by and I could work the collision coding better. I've played the game countless times and I like how it plays and so do many others. But if you don't, then maybe you have a better technique for the coding and can help me out. Remember, U did not have to pay for the game! And if I like your coding, I can even purchase it from you if U thought it would be fair!
I am not a greety but a generous person. Those who know me (like Marko) can testify!
Posted by Aloan Moreira 9th December, 2009

Well then, Cliffall is back. I kept it for a good purpose... It is now freeware. The game is complete with all 7 levels now.
Comment edited by Aloan Moreira on 5/15/2011
Posted by Chris Burrows 17th March, 2011

Every time I get to the manta ray in the first level it glitches and I can swim everywhere. And not pass the level. And there is some box up the top in the sky with the character walking in it.

Posted by Aloan Moreira 15th May, 2011

Ha! you just found a - level, lol!
Isn't it mysterious?
It was not supposed to be there, but on the outside of the view. This was totally removed however as I got around with better coding and developing. In fact, all the bugs reported here on this page have been killed. Thank you all for reporting it.
Comment edited by Aloan Moreira on 7/21/2013
Posted by Aloan Moreira 8th July, 2013

Good News! The much beloved: Cliffall - Treasures of the Lost Cave, is back! Yes, you read that right!
It is Full Version and Freeware!
Feel free to post the news to friends and all!
Why did I bring it back?
I have missed Cliffall and recognize the fame it's got, so I went killing all the many obvious nasty bugs that plagued the game.
It's been a lot of hard work and countless nights of bug killing and play testing. I've been away from developing the game for close to 3 years, I guess.
I've also enhanced the graphics and colors a bit for the better, and changed some sprites (made them look better) the game play is much better (No getting stuck at the walls anymore).
Cliffall's updated engine will also be posted for those wishing to construct games based on it!
What are you waiting for? go get it!
Comment edited by Aloan Moreira on 7/22/2013
Posted by LordHannu 30th May, 2018
Rated :

What do i need to say? I like this game.





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