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Mind's Eye
Author: Shane Stevens Submitted: 25th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 275
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Edited By Shane Stevens on 8/31/2006

Edited By Shane Stevens on 8/29/2006

Once again you awaken from fevered, shapeless dreams to a pitiful existence...

Your name is Noah, at least that's what you are told. Awakening in a strange sanitarium and bereft of your memories, it is up to you to rediscover who you are.

As a story-driven graphic adventure, your goal as Noah is to explore Brookside Sanitarium for clues to your identity, usually by studying objects and thinking about their relevance. The Redemption Meter on the gui will display your current memory status and provide backstory/hints as you progress. Occasionally you will suffer from Delirium Mode, a debilitating situation where the very world around you will seem to warp and shift, sometimes revealing a glimpse into your own past--or the past of others.

Reclaim your memories to answer these questions: Who are you? Why you are in the sanitarium? Why do you want to kill Dr. Knox? Be warned, some memories may be better left forgotten.

Make sure you read the readme for important control details.

Edit: I'm including parts of the readme here as some people just don't read it ;(:

The button to the left of the inventory window opens the save screen and the button to the right opens the quit screen.

F5 opens the Save gui ONLY at the title screen. After that you will need to use the button on the top left of the inventory gui.

F12 opens the interactive help menu where you can find out about the various commands.

Delirium mode disables certain abilities. This is normal.

Certain areas will not allow you to save. This is to prevent abusing savegames to easily bypass stealth sequences.

This game can be taxing on lower end cpus because it uses multiple transparent layers and AGS does not currently support hardware acceleration. If the slowdown is too great, you can speed the game up by running setup and forcing the graphics from 32 bit to 16 bit. Background dialogues in 16 bit will have blue backgrounds as a result due to the lack of an alpha channel. This is normal.

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Posted by steve 26th August, 2006

Screenies look great, downloading
Posted by steve 26th August, 2006

great atmosphere and music (although sometimes out of sync/time)

I got to the part where you are stuck in bed, tried shuffling around but couldnt click on anything so i'm stuck now
Posted by Shane Stevens 26th August, 2006

The goal here is to reach Dr. Knox's diary on the sink. Try alternating left mouse clicks near the top of that wall to get Noah to move the gurney back and forth

Also: I haven't received any reports of music synch issues in the year since I've made this. Care to elaborate?
Posted by steve 27th August, 2006

Hi! Again great game, man

I figured I needed to reach the sink as it was saying "you can almost touch it with your head" but I couldnt manage to get him to do anything (will try again now)

About the music; around the first scene there is a loop which cuts off too short, that's all I meant (making it out of time) no biggie though

Thumbs up from me
Posted by Del Duio 27th August, 2006

I know who Noah is, Johnny Damon circa 2005!
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 27th August, 2006

Me like.
Posted by Tim 27th August, 2006

pretty cool, like the graphics
Posted by Shane Stevens 27th August, 2006

steve- you mean the cutscene with Dr. Knox? If so then yeah, a product of the engine unfortunately is it doesn't do volume fades.

Glad to see people enjoying it, since I enjoyed making it. Hopefully the interactive/actiony bits won't be too offputting/easy!
Posted by axel 28th August, 2006

Blehhh, installer
Posted by steve 28th August, 2006

You gave it a thumbs down because it uses an installer!? :|
Posted by Ski 28th August, 2006

Wow nice game
Posted by Rikus 28th August, 2006

Posted by ]Alpha[ 29th August, 2006

Uhm... the game seems interesting but I really can't understand what to do to exit from the first cell.

When I try to give Noah an action, he said that he can't move his arms nor his legs and that he can't see nothing interesting... so what about it? T_T

I'd like to see more of this game before give my vote for the GOTW
Posted by Willy C 29th August, 2006

you gotta look at yourself and notice that your tonails are sharp enough to cut through the straight-jacket.

Pretty damn cool game. But I didn't like that I could die... dont like to die in adventure games . And I could't save or anything. Pluss it seem to lag when Noah driftet out of consciousness. But great game, I'll give it another go when I figure out how to save.
Posted by alibaba 29th August, 2006

Ah disastor - I died. Got hit with a baseball bat by that nasty chap Childs - gota start again now!
Posted by sylzayz 29th August, 2006

seems awesome! i will try it (downloading)
Posted by Klikmaster 29th August, 2006

I got killed by Childs too
Posted by Ski 29th August, 2006

The door scared me last night
Posted by jkjkjk 29th August, 2006

dis game iz wierd n scary i dnt lyk it sorrey dat childs fing is dodgey
Posted by axel 29th August, 2006

@Steve: No <_<

I didn't really bother downloading it, so I didn't vote at all, fool.
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 29th August, 2006

Gah! I'm stuck in the hallway... How do I get past the two doctors? I keep getting caught and Childs beats me.
Posted by Nova Soft 29th August, 2006

What the hell do I do when I'm in the lab (straight after getting out of 'cell' at the start)...!?
Posted by Nova Soft 29th August, 2006

Posted by Devernath 29th August, 2006

Wow! Really nice looking. You did yourself? If I were you, I'd pursue a career in video game designing
Posted by Johnny Look 29th August, 2006

Awesome game
Posted by alex goss 29th August, 2006

looks nice but is a bit weird though. i had no idea what to do in the jail. well i knew that i had to cut the jacket with his nails because i read the replies but i could get him to do anything but notice he had long nails. i got out by clicking like a maniac. now im stuck in a bed and i dont know what to do. ive just been moving thebed around trying to use his hands and stuff. could someone please explain what the hell you have to do?
Posted by alex goss 29th August, 2006

? i did think about it i just couldnt get him to do what you had to do. im just saying that its extremely harsh what you have to do. you have to get the order of things you do right or something. and the bit in the bed you have to get pixel perfect. it just would be nice for some room for error.
i couldnt even walk through doors with any ease until i realised you had to use your brain to open it.
monkey island was great. im not against these styles of games its just on monkey island all you had to do to get through a door was click. alot simpler
Posted by Tim 29th August, 2006

Posted by Klikmaster 29th August, 2006

The bed scene was a right pain.
I've uninstalled, it was getting un-fun.
Posted by Pixelthief 29th August, 2006

Unfortunately, there ARE parts in this game where it can get buggy and prevent you from going any further :/

Not that its *klik* anyway
Posted by Shane Stevens 29th August, 2006

There are no parts of the game where you cannot progress further. Please don't make unqualified statements like this. I will reiterate that there are no dead-ends in this game. Death, yes, dead-ends, no. Also:

The save button is just to the left of the gui, that vertical roundish red deal. The quit button is the one that looks the same on the RIGHT of the gui, and this is also explained in the readme.

[quote]and the bit in the bed you have to get pixel perfect. it just would be nice for some room for error.
i couldnt even walk through doors with any ease until i realised you had to use your brain to open it.[/quote]

The bed area doesn't require precision, it just requires a bit of non-conventional gaming. Also, the brain is the official interaction icon of the game and serves multiple functions so multiple similar icons were not necessary. Much of this really is covered in the readme and I'm rather astonished that so few people actually take the time to check it out. Readmes ARE there for a reason, people .

Thanks for playing.

Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 29th August, 2006

very cool
great job
Posted by Pixelthief 29th August, 2006

I meant dead-ends as in bugs that can occur and screw up the save file.

The game itself is fine, and I already read the read-me

I just happened to leave the frame after drugging the guys coffee, and didn't get the cut-scene that was supposed to happen, and couldn't seem to trigger it again. So I saved it under a different file, and reloaded to a previous save and did it over again and it worked. Somehow the other file couldn't be continued however, since I couldn't really trigger that transition.
Posted by Devernath 30th August, 2006

Yeah, to clarify pixelthief.....when u drug sam's coffee, the catches you, tells you to go the rec room, and cutscen appears. HOWEVER, once you regain control, you can get the drugs again, and redrug the coffee, even though he is passed out. Then the game indefinielty loads for the cutscene, which never happens. Naturally, a message like this should appear "You already tried that once." to prevent this...

BTW, I already passed this game, good story, though the beginning was more demented than the end. Still good, i liked it...a bit short though. AND, you never HAD to eat the oatmeal.
Posted by Killerjedi 30th August, 2006

I've been struggling with the goddamn strapped-to-the-gurney scene for going on twenty minutes now. I can only describe this sequence as "inspiringly terrible." You should consider doing something about this, instead of brushing off criticisms and pretending people are only having problems because of your incredible think-outside-the-box gameplay.
Posted by Killerjedi 30th August, 2006

Argh. Well, I finally passed it, and now I'm stuck somewhere else. This time it's just because I can't figure out what to do, which I don't mind. My statement about the gurney still stands, though.
Posted by Moonyjacob 30th August, 2006

i got to the place where to people are and lights flickering, i died by childs and now restared, i don't want to play this again!

and i'm not voting down/up
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 30th August, 2006

Great ending! ^^
The game was a bit short, but very good.
(how many diffrent endings does the game have? I found two..)
Posted by Willy C 30th August, 2006

"I got to the place where to people are and lights flickering" Gotta sneak up the left side of the hallway when the lights are off.

Just finished it too. There are more then one ending? How can I change the ending?

Posted by ]Alpha[ 30th August, 2006

I'm stucked on the bed trying to reach the diary that I don't see anywhere

The game can be frustrating but there are plenty of things that make this game great, such as the graphic, the music and the atmosphere.
No doubt about it : Thumb up!
Posted by phanto 30th August, 2006

Look excellent, I'll try it out.
Posted by phanto 30th August, 2006


where are the editing functions?
Posted by 31st August, 2006

im glad im not the only one who cant get past the 2 doctors
Posted by Shane Stevens 31st August, 2006

[quote]Yeah, to clarify pixelthief.....when u drug sam's coffee, the catches you, tells you to go the rec room, and cutscen appears. HOWEVER, once you regain control, you can get the drugs again, and redrug the coffee, even though he is passed out. Then the game indefinielty loads for the cutscene, which never happens. Naturally, a message like this should appear "You already tried that once." to prevent this...

Interesting, has anyone else replicated this? I'm not sure exactly 'why' anyone would drug the coffee of an already unconscious man, but I was almost positive I put a catch-all in the build to prevent you getting the lithium a second time. I'd gladly do a new build to remove the coffee if I thought this was a bug that hindered gameplay, but as there's no reason at all to drug a drugged man...

As for the diary sequence:

A dialog tells you precisely where the diary is, and to be frank I can't be held responsible if people skip these things and don't read. You are explicitly told after Childs goes to the door that the diary is on the sink (this is not a spoiler or mystery in any way). Bear in mind that I did not want to make a generic adventure game. I WANTED non-standard gameplay elements, and while some people love creeping down halls and sliding gurneys around other people are bound to hate it. I know this, and while I sympathize, it's not terrible just because you don't like it; it's just different from your expectations.

I will reiterate some basic methods for the gurney scene (don't read if you'd rather do it yourself:

The gurney sequence is really very easy once you grasp the basic trick to it, that of alternating left clicks on the top wall with the WALK cursor to get Noah to edge the thing closer. Once the top wheels are very near the bottom of the wall you can pickup the diary with the TAKE icon. Once you manage this you'll see it's really just a gameplay click trick. .

I'm glad people are enjoying it and I understand fully that some people will not. My aim never has been to please everyone because it's impossible. Hopefully a good portion of you will see the game and appreciate it for what it is, a game made by an independent developer alone in a month. If you prefer a more traditional style of adventure gaming I'd recommend you try Dance Til' You Drop, another game I made that holds more faithfully with older graphic adventure design and gameplay. Thanks for playing!
Posted by Jakob37 1st September, 2006

Really nice game! Right now I am stuck but I am working at it
Posted by Michael P 2nd September, 2006

very good game
Posted by Jakob37 3rd September, 2006

I beated the game! I disliked the ending, I will see if I can find some others. Can you tell us how many endings it is?

And once again... Really nice game!
Posted by Hugo B. 3rd September, 2006

quote Axel: 'Blehhh, installer '

What is wrong with an installer? I kinda remember this was discussed here a long time ago as well, showing that 90% of the people here do not like installers. Is it cool to dislike installers? I mean, most of the commercial games use them.. Or is just that it gives you something to complain about? I don't get, but maybe i am overloking some terrible side-effects that occur due to installers. Please eloborate!

Posted by Reno 3rd September, 2006

This wasn't made in a click project by the way. Unless if MMF2 was just recently renamed "Adventure Game Studio"
Posted by Hempuli 4th September, 2006

ARGH!! I have put the lithium to where it belongs, but what next??
Posted by Shane Stevens 5th September, 2006

Hempuli- you knocked the guard out, so why don't you check on him?

To everyone who voted, thanks for making Mind's Eye GOTW!
Posted by Alex Wells 2nd October, 2006

Awesome game - got stuch and annoyed now though
Posted by TheoX 28th October, 2006

I think many people are annoyed by installers because they are a bit useless, as they only create another step to go through when downloading the game.
Posted by Centuri0n 23rd May, 2007

How i'm supposed to get second ending?
I got some mind for seeing first delirrium talk scene, found something on it have no idea what for..
Another at first sneaking, more for watching pictures on walls (3 total) and one for solving portrait puzzle, yet i'm missing something. This probably could be something with cards, outside window, cotton, double-mirror, or the piss-guy, or maybe some spray for bugs, i'm lost i tried everything on everything. Still have no idea what food are for, it cancels first delirium, still if you just wait delirium wears off itself, and i find nothing usefull from first delirium, not even when i wrote words on wall... so what's i'm missing???





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